Precision Machining of Shaped Semiconductor Boules for Minimization of Surface Microcracking

Boule-shaping, wafer sawing, slicing and grinding are some of the processes involved in the specialty semiconductor manufacturing process. Non-silicon materials used as substrates in specialty semiconductor applications are mechanically very sensitive to aggressive (abrasive) machining techniques, resulting in surface flaws which reduce both component yield and reliability. This technology describes a precise machining method that customizes the boule-shaping technique to sensitive materials to minimize surface micro-cracking. This is made possible by providing a chemical assist to an electro-discharge machining (EDM) application in such a way that it dissolves the surface layer of the material without inducing surface damage.

The application of this technology is mainly the semiconductors manufacturing industry as follows
*Commercial shaping of czochralski-grown crystals of semiconductor materials � to preserve crystal integrity
*Adapted to both wafer slicing and chip dicing for minimal induced surface damage

Stage of Development
This technology is part of an active and ongoing research program and is available for developmental research support/licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.

Additional Info

Inventor(s): Michael Free, Alagar Balaji, Eberhard Bamberg, Dinesh Rakwal, Ian Harvey, Dean Jorgensen

Type of Offer: Licensing

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