Versatile Nanostructure As Solubilising Medium for a Variety of Industries


Stable, non-viscous and clear nanosized structures Capable of being diluted or dispersed in a water/polymer at room temperature and/or by subjecting the system to vibrations of up to 20,000 RAM Provides enhanced stability for sustained and controlled release Performs best with naturally occurring polymers or those that are amphiphilc synthetic of high molecular weight Our Innovation

Development of structures having cubic-like nanosized symmetry Ternary systems comprised of water, fatty acid and a co-solvent Single phase creation with well-defined concentrations of the three components Can be dispersed and used as a solubilising medium for hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances Extremely large surface area with well-organized microstructure The Opportunity

Addresses the needs of manifold industries including, but not exclusive to enzymes, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, peptides, food supplements or cosmetoceuticals Contains advancements over earlier forms that were not as stable or soluble and were non- dispersible Development Milestones

Next step: Partner with a pharmaceutical company and select several drugs to further demonstrate the superior bioavailability of transdermal transport to other vehicles

Type of Offer: Licensing

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