An Expression Silencing System and Different Uses Thereof


Provides a process for hybridizing plants with selectively altered genomes Transforms a plant cell with a T7 RNA polymerase gene (T7-pol), a NLS sequence, and at least one promoter and at least one terminator sequence Plants are capable of regeneration Suppresses expression of targeted DNA sequences at the post-transcriptional level (RNA silencing) in cells, tissues and organs regenerated from said cells or their progenies Our Innovation

Silences targeted sequences in transgenic plants Comprises a T7 RNA polymerase gene sequence and a T7 promoter sequence Methods for selection of plants, seeds and plant cells with the silenced RNA sequences Effective with genes that encode human protein, a peptide product, or a protein or peptide product of a human pathogen Degradation of viral sequences provides resistance to viral infections The Opportunity

Addresses needs of agricultural industry for a variety of heartier disease- and virus-resistant plants Provides biotech industries with an avenue for genetic manipulation to treat many disease entities

US 7,005,559

Type of Offer: Licensing

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