New Fungi to Control Plant Mites and Powdery Mildew


Naturally occurring, unmodified fungi as biological pesticides No associated health or environmental problems Trials demonstrate control of citrus mites and grape powdery mildew, resulting in better quality and yields Environment-friendly alternative to chemical pesticides Our Innovation

Several new fungus species have been collected in the wild and are being cultured and tested as biological pesticides against various plant mites (Acari) and fungi pathogenic to plants.

Key Features

Efficacy demonstrated against a number of plant mites and pathogens Field trial on grapes and citrus showed efficacy comparable with chemical pesticides Development Milestones

Toxicological tests performed Fermentation trials undertaken Demonstration of efficacy against additional pest mites and plant pathogens Study of mode of action Study of sensitivity to commonly-used pesticides Further upscaling of fungal cultures (by fermentation) for mass production The Opportunity

Rust and other plant mites damage citrus, pears, and other commercial crops such as tomatoes.

Powdery mildews affect vegetable crops (such as cucumbers), fruit trees, grapes and other crops, including ornamental plants and flowers.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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