Hydrocolloid Carriers with Filler Material


Composite carriers (capsules) with improved mechanical properties Inert filler material improves carrier properties and controls release rate of bioactive components Controlled release of agents used in pest control, herbicides, and fertilizers; active agents in food industry Preparation of carriers for embedding nutraceuticals such as vitamins, preservatives, pigments, and flavor enhancing compounds; active agents in chemical industries and biotechnology Our Innovation

Technology has proven advantages over other sustained release formulations because varied structure of the carriers enable adjustable rate of release of active agent

Key Features

Capsule size tailored from 500 microns to 4 mm Control of mechanical properties Stable in assorted environments; shelf life for carriers (after drying) at least two years Simple, low-cost preparation Meets prevailing production standards in, agricultural, food, and biotechnology industries Development Milestones

Proof of concept Yissum seeks licensing agreements, strategic partnerships, or joint ventures for commercialization The Opportunity

Potential to create new applications and markets including cosmetics, toiletries, and packaging

Type of Offer: Licensing

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