Featherless Broilers


Current commercial broilers require low temperatures for fast growth and high meat yield Hot conditions significantly reduce the efficiency, or increase the costs, of broiler production Featherless broilers easily dissipate excess body heat, avoiding the need for costly cooling or ventilation (even at high stocking densities), allowing sustainable, low-cost production Our Innovation

Development of a unique stock of fast-growing featherless broilers together with a breeding scheme that upgrades standard commercial broiler stocks by producing 25% (or 50%) heat-tolerant, high-yield, featherless broilers, and 75% (or 50%) feathered broilers for live marketing at low body weight

Key Features

Birds fully express their genetic potential under hot conditions, without cooling or ventilation Reach slaughter weight of about 2.2 kg at 6 weeks, with more than 40 kg/m2 Meat yield and quality equals or surpasses standard broilers under optimal conditions These performances obtained on low-cost (low-protein and low-energy) feed Do not suffer from heat-related mortality or health problems Development Milestones

Genetic material - featherless males for grandparent flocks - ready for shipping Fine-tuning of management and diet composition to local conditions conducted on site The Opportunity

Majority of broilers worldwide are reared in hot tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia, America and Africa, and the southern parts of the United States and China Consumers, including those in developing countries, increasingly prefer processed broilers and meat; featherless broilers are ideal for processing and reduce the investment and operational costs associated with cooling and ventilating broiler houses

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