Edible Protective Food Coatings


Edible, biodegradable hydrocolloid film coating for shelf-life extension and improvement of the appearance of food and agricultural products Two different types of coatings have been developed: a very thin, film like, coating and a chaotic, unstructured, coating Preserves freshness and appearance of, and prevents insect attack from, mushrooms, fresh and dry garlic, flower corms and more Coatings can be adapted for products with various surface properties Our Innovation

These new edible, biodegradable hydrocolloid coatings are applied using various simple coating techniques. The transparent coatings reduce transpiration and evaporation, control respiration and maintain a modulated atmosphere around each individual piece of produce. The coatings are easily removed or consumed.

Key Features

Simply applied to a wide variety of agricultural and food products Slows deterioration; slows evaporation of water from the produce; adds gloss; prevents insect attacks; prevents post-harvest contamination Adds value to the product by preventing weight loss due to loss of moisture Food additives may be added to the coatings to change the product’s color and appearance and to prevent post harvest and surface contamination Development Milestones

Project scope to be expanded to include hard cheeses and various other milk products, baked goods, meat and meat products, and agricultural seeds The Opportunity

Between 25% and 80% of harvested fresh fruits and vegetables are lost due to spoilage. The U.S. market for food preservation and shelf life extenders was estimated at $197 billion in 2003.

US 6,068,867
US 6,299,915

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