Copper Nanoparticles for Ink-jet Printing


Copper nanoparticles for ink-jet inks New, much lower cost than conventional silver-based inks Nanoparticle inks lower the costs of printed electronics by reducing the need for high-temperature processing and enabling less material to be used. Because lower temperatures are needed to cure nanoinks they are also more suitable for use on flexible substrates that typically use thermally sensitive plastics. Our Innovation

Method for producing conductive inks for ink-jet printers using copper nanoparticles coated with a silver shell.

Key Features

Inks containing metallic copper Simple, low-cost ink-jet printing Copper nanoparticles protected against oxidation during preparation and storage at room temperatures Enables printing of conductive patterns on printed circuit boards, plastic smart cards, RFID etc. Development Milestones

Upscaling for industrial production The Opportunity

Use of copper nanoparticle inkjet inks for RFID antennas and printing RFID tags would enable a reduction in their costs so that tags can be widely used on cost sensitive items such as food packages. Use of silver inks for solar panel contacts predicted to grow to almost $250 million by 2015. As applications for printable electronics begin to reach full-scale production, flexo and gravure printing will become increasingly popular. The current niche market for silver flexo and gravure inks is expected to grow to more than $530 million by 2015, so a large market is expected for copper inks.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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