Coating Conducting Surfaces with Carrier Nanoparticles


Method for coating conducting surfaces with nanoparticles bearing functional materials May be used for coating medical implants, stents, and other medical devices The nanoparticles may be carriers for drugs, antibacterials, anti-corrosives and more New technology for preparing drug-eluting stents Our Innovation

Electrochemical coating of conducting surfaces with nanoparticles that are either composed of active materials or preloaded with active materials, e.g., drugs.

Key Features

Low-cost coating method especially suitable for miniaturized complex structures Avoids loss of costly active compounds Provides improved ability to tightly control and maintain drug concentration and to vary drug distribution in a controlled and predetermined manner for a more desirable drug loading profile Development Milestones

Next stage involves research into release of active compounds carried by the nanoparticles The Opportunity

Sales generated by coatings and surface-treatment processes used on medical devices are predicted to reach more than $5.31 billion by 2010 at a 12.4% average annual growth rate. Drug-eluting stents have become the most widely used modality for coronary revascularization. More than three million heart patients received drug eluting stents since their introduction.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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