Sol-gel-coated Implantable Devices


Method for coating uneven surfaces with sol-gel polymers Current coating methods unable to provide complete, uniform coating of non-contiguous surfaces such as those found in stents and orthopaedic screws Sol-gel polymers can incorporate therapeutic, antibacterial, or other materials that prevent corrosion, biofouling, or restenosis Our Innovation

Electro-deposition of biocompatible sol-gel for coating complex surfaces such as those found on implantable medical devices. Efficient method for complete, even coating of implants such as stents and bone screws.

Key Features

Single-step electro-deposition of coating reduces waste of expensive coating materials Avoids immunological response in living tissues or organs Coating can be engineered to prevent the growth of living cells Precludes restenosis Development Milestones

Seeking cooperation for development of technology for different applications

The Opportunity

Appropriate for all types of conductive medical implants Many types of beneficial materials can be incorporated into sol-gel polymers Currently being tested with biodegradable magnesium to produce implants that gradually dissolve or corrode away and do not need to be removed Broad technology with possible applications, such as corrosion inhibition, in many fields such as water technologies, food industry, automobile industry

Type of Offer: Licensing

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