Biological Application of Size Dependant Emission of Semiconductor Nanocrystals


Provides methods for the manufacture and use of core-heteroshell nanocrystals Covers the visible to near-infrared (NIR) ranges Leverages the layer-by-layer in-solution growth techniques Environmentally benign character makes them ideal for large-scale implementation and biological and medical use without toxicity problems Our Innovation

A semiconductor nanocrystal with a core and multiple shells Type I band offset with increased photoluminescence quantum yield and stability that removes surface defects and undesirable processes, protects the core, and reduces surface degradation Exceptional florescence quantum yield remains very high even upon ligand exchange and transformation to a water environment Process creates a III-V semiconductor core with at least two layers/shells The Opportunity

Human diagnostic and therapeutic tools Biological florescent tagging Electro-optical devices (light emitting diodes, etc.) such as those used in fiber-optic telecommunications Development Milestones

Embedding of particles in additional environments and media being expanded In-vivo uses (so far in animals) under development.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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