Electrodeposition of Sol-gel Films


Electroplating method for preparing sol-gel thin films Allows coating of complex shaped objects Successfully demonstrated ability to include metals and nano-particles in sol-gel Platform technology for thin film deposition Our Innovation

An improved method for forming sol-gel films by electroplating. Enables combinations of sol-gel with metals and other particles for wide variety of applications.

Key Features

Coatings can be tailored for various applications such as anti-corrosion Coatings from nano to micro thickness Allows inclusion of other materials such as metals, polymers, nano-particles, and organic compounds Superior coating method for complex shaped articles such as grids, stents, and springs. Development Milestones

Industry testing of sol-gel with nano-particles for fuel cells Testing with sol-gel/ inherently conducting polymer (ICP) combinations Coating stents The Opportunity

Sol-gel/metal films for anti-corrosion applications in automotive industry Applications for fuel cells, medical devices Can include sensors in coatings Can be used for color-improving coatings TV and other monitors Medical device coatings for protection, increasing adhesion to stainless steel and controlled drug release

Type of Offer: Licensing

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