Novel Compounds for Disrupting Biofilms


Simple heterocyclic compounds disrupt cell–cell communication (quorum sensing) interfering with the formation of biofilms First compounds to exhibit cross kingdom inhibition and reversal of biofilms Environmentally friendly method to control the formation of biofilms on artificial surfaces such as water pipes or air-conditioning ducts in industry and agriculture Non-leaching polymer coatings Our Innovation

Novel simple heterocyclic compounds, synthesized to resemble the structure of the natural auto inducer-2, are used as polymer coatings for water pipes, membranes and other surfaces to disrupt quorum sensing between bacterial cells and prevent the formation of biofilms.

Key Features

No antibacterial or antifungal effect, avoids development of resistant strains Environmentally safe – non-leaching coating Effective against both fungal and bacterial biofilms Inhibit and reverse biofilm formation Development Milestones

Additional compounds to be synthesized Field trials in agricultural, municipal and industrial water pipes, homes and hospitals The Opportunity

Biofilm-related problems cost U.S. industry billions of dollars annually by corroding pipes, reducing heat transfer or hydraulic pressure in industrial cooling systems, plugging water injection jets, and clogging water filters. Applications include industrial water treatment, prevention of biofilm formation on filtration membranes, paints and coatings, irrigation pipelines, paper-making machines Cost of desalination and water recycling processes reduced by lowering energy consumption

Type of Offer: Licensing

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