Crubber for Removing Heavy Metals from Flue, Combustion and Exhaust Gases


Coal is naturally contaminated with mercury and coal?burning power plants are the most common source of mercury pollution in the air. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has called for a nationwide 25% reduction of mercury emissions by 2010 and additional reductions in 2018. Wet scrubbers clean air or other gases by contact of the gas with a scrubbing solution consisting of complex solutions of reagents that specifically target certain compounds. There is a need for a low?cost solution that does not decompose to or contain hazardous materials to remove heavy metals from flue gases Our Innovation

A wet scrubber that removes heavy metals, particularly mercury from flue, combustion and exhaust gases. The wet scrubber holds a proprietary liquor formulation based on non?volatile liquids and other chemicals of minimal corrosiveness and toxicity.

Key Features

Heavy metals are removed whether they exist in elemental form, ionic form, or particulate bound form. Specially removes forms of mercury which cannot be removed efficiently by other methods The process has almost effect on the environment (extremely low vapor pressure) and the captured pollutants are not re-emitted to the atmosphere. The process results in a complex that is insoluble in water, enabling simple treatment after filtration System complies with existing and proposed EPA regulations

Development Milestones

Seeking cooperation with a power company for up-scaling to a pilot plant The Opportunity

In the U.S., coal use is increasing mostly in the electric power sector, due to strong growth in electricity demand and favourable economics under current environmental policies. After 2020, higher natural gas prices will make coal the fuel of choice for most new power plants.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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