Water Treatment and Water Quality Laboratory


The laboratory focuses on industrial services, and research on water treatment, sewage/effluent reclamation, industrial waste-water treatment, and desalination. Serves a variety of industries including water, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, electronics, high-tech, food, jewelry, cosmetics, and laundry Service provided

Particle characterization in water and waste-water, raw and treated Study of particle transport, attachment and detachment mechanisms Development of new methods and processes Mathematical models Financial assessments Process optimization Water and effluent analysis Filtration efficiency Particle morphology Removal of virus and parasites in water treatment processes Consulting Advanteges

Fully equipped for laboratory and field work with state-of-the-art technology, headed by the past-president of the Israeli Water Association Client service record

Intel Teva Mekorot Adamos Interpharm Maccabi Medical Centers Amiad Filtration Systems Treatec21 Industries Israel Institute of Standards Tami 4 Available equipment (partial list)

TOC analysis (Shimadzu)
Particles counting/size distribution/0.5-400 mm (HIAC/Royco)
ICP-AX (Perkin Elmer)
Electroflocculation system Membrane filtration systems VIS-UV spectrophotometer Turbidimeter (HACH)
Mobile Ph-meter Mobile particle counter EFectors Filters 20 l/hr UF membrane unit (ZeeWeed-Zenon)
2000 l/hr UF membrane unit (Nitron-Chemtec)

Type of Offer: Licensing

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