Proteins with Iron Chelating Properties for Bio-film Prevention


Purified Apo- (metal-less) protein isolated from bacteria has outstanding metal chelating properties: Can bind to and remove metals from a liquid medium at very low concentrations (10-12-15M)
Removal of the iron from water eliminates the formation of biofilms by Fe-bacteria in water pipes, filters and drip irrigation systems Administering pure bacterial Apo-protein sufficient to reduce the iron level may result in decreased bacterial infection in a host (animal, human)

Our Innovation

First to obtain a purified preparation of the specific cyano-bacterial Apo-protein Functions at a large variety of ionic strengths and at a pH range of 4-11 This Apo-protein may eventually be disintegrated by microorganisms in the soil, allowing the free iron to become available for plant growth Strong potential biomedical implications

The Opportunity

Unique, environmentally friendly technology addresses the rapidly expanding water treatment/disinfection market Potential impact in agriculture, industrial, and local water treatment Strong implications for medical applications related to bacterial infections

Development Milestones

Develop an upscaled procedure to obtain gram amounts of Apo-protein (currently we obtain tens of mgs)
Reduce costs of industrial production Develop an application in which the apo-protein will be used as the bio-chelator

Type of Offer: Licensing

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