Development of a Test Method for the Evaluation of the Integrity of Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes


Replaces current, less satisfactory methods for nanometric scale (virus size) fiber breach detection in the active layer of UF membranes Quick, simple and relatively inexpensive evaluation of the integrity of membrane systems Uses the most successful. proven approach based on the introduction of enzyme-labeled bacteriophages to the inlet of the treatment system and detection of the probe concentration in the permeate

Our Innovation

Fast and accurate evaluation of membrane integrity Relative viral removal depends on membrane integrity Demonstrates sensitive and rapid detection of the labeled phages Provides additional tools - dye-labeled MS2 bacteriophages - to trace gradual disintegration of the membrane skin layer during chemical cleaning Fast membrane breach identification reduces plant down time

The Opportunity

Filtration membranes (UF) required under more stringent legislation UF membranes already captured 5% of U.S. market and growing Chemical cleaning of membranes results in membranes becoming compromised Majority of conventional monitoring protocols are unsuitable or not sufficiently sensitive for UF membrane applications Unique opportunity for the development of online test for virus removal that can comply with the stringent regulations for drinking water treatment

Development Milestones

Production of two demonstration units to be completed within two years Development of more sensitive and robust nanoprobes

Type of Offer: Licensing

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