Hurricane Mitigation By Combined Seeding with Condensation and Freezing Nuclei


Seeding in areas of the hurricane outside of the eye with small aerosols reduces the maximum wind speed around the eye of tropical storms while minimizing the danger of the operation Seeding materials can be simple and inexpensive particles Uses existing aircraft, fuel additives transform exhaust into the active seeding agent Effect of hurricane mitigation can be augmented by adding simple, readily available nuclei-agents at low concentrations

Our Innovation

Solves earlier seeding problems of hurricane suppression by delaying the onset of precipitation until after the cloud water ascends to heights where freezing can occur Provides a viable answer to limiting hundreds of billions of dollars of hurricane damage Can use common readily available small particles at low costs Effective in laboratory models

The Opportunity

Large, potentially receptive market due to recent history of hurricane-related disasters Fast field implementation and commercialization

Development Milestones

Ready for controlled field experiments away from land, with low risk/benefit ratio

Type of Offer: Licensing

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