Inducing Liquefaction for Soil Stabilization


Ground modification technique that stabilizes ground for construction Overcomes long-term ground settlement and reduces soil porosity Full-scale field testing to verify model predictions regarding the process dynamics Civil engineering applications: large construction projects such as power stations, airports, embankments, and industrial complexes Our Innovation

Relatively soft to dense silty and clay-like sands above the groundwater table are pre-treated by controlled blasting to induce liquefaction for soil improvement as a pre-requisite for construction. Minimizes the risk of future ground settlement and enhances structural integrity.

Key Features

Reduces time required for soil compaction Uses readily available construction equipment Cuts overall costs of pre-construction preparation Development Milestones

Proof of concept using mathematical models Field tested to verify model predictions The Opportunity

U.S. construction activity will continue to expand faster than the economy for several more years, with extensive growth in hotel construction, manufacturing plants, and airport landing areas. Commercial put-in-place construction for 2006 to increase by 9 percent over 2005 and will continue to increase by at least 7 percent for the next four years.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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