System and Method for Treating Biological Tissue Using Low Direct Current Electrical Treatment


Electrical pulse using DC current is of sufficiently short duration and low voltage to avoid significant temperature increase in the tissue and extracted material Results in delay, reduction or arrest of browning reaction and a minimizing of enzyme activity and microbial count Contracts tissue and decreases its weight, as compared to untreated tissue Our Innovation

Provides processes, systems, and apparatus for electrical extraction of substances from biological matter, particularly plant matter Retains the treated tissue comprising intracellular or extracellular substances for further use or processing Biological matter can be comprised of intact or crude tissue portions in a process assembly Tissue undergoes controllable changes in mechanical properties The Opportunity

Addresses needs of several industries for cellular and extracellular matter as a source of desirable organic compounds and extracts, including medical/biochemical, chemical, food formulations and products, and farming and agriculture

Development Milestones

Concept proven in several types of vegetative tissue and gels Next stage: Optimization for use with medicinal plants and for drug release from gels/preparations upon electrification Forming strategic partnerships to manufacture an apparatus for large-scale, continuous electrification

Type of Offer: Licensing

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