Novel Textures for Liquid-based Food Products


Uses novel freeze-thawing processing technique to attain specific texture Answers continuing food industry need to provide desirable texture for food products manufactured from edible fluids Texturization method for dairy industry for yogurts, puddings, non-acid milk products, milk beverages and other fluids Our Innovation

Simple procedure using milk and water-soluble polymers is passed through a controlled freeze-thawing cycle to obtain yogurt-like consistency, without the presence of lactic acid bacteria.

Key Features

Rapid texturization process Can add pro-biotic micro-organisms, fruit pieces, or other liquids to basic product Product can be kept frozen indefinitely; shelf-life begins only after thawing Maintains product stability Development Milestones

Scaling up obligatory before use in industrial environment Looking for partner for industrial trials The Opportunity

Rapidly expanding food industry demands innovative products that provide specific textures during processing and preparing Potential to create novel textures as possible replacement for fat content in yogurts, puddings, and other milk products Potential for novel liquid-based fruit products using the freeze-thawing technique

Type of Offer: Licensing

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