Novel Glossmeter

Highlights Instrument measures properties of glossiness, suitable for flat and curved surfaces Computer gives a single number representing the gloss of flat or curved surface by using appropriate software and hardware analysis techniques Grades perishable foods, textiles, paper, metals, and more with proven stability and consistency Application—Industry, research and product development for polishing materials, waxy or glossy coatings, finished surfaces, glossy cosmetics Our Innovation

New method offers non-destructive method of grading the glossiness of fruits, vegetables and confectionery products; enables measuring gloss of wide range of products

Key Features

Option to check gloss properties of non-flat surfaces such as coated/waxed fruits and vegetables Scattered reflected light collected and analyzed Ability to manually change the angle of illumination Helium-neon laser for illumination Software for data analysis Development Milestones

Planning for full automation of the glossmeter Funding needed for additional research, full automation, and improvement of the software The Opportunity

Measuring surface gloss is an important element of production and quality control in dozens of industries, from paints, plastics and films, to coatings, food, and cosmetics Paint market alone estimated at $65-$83 billion, with global demand rising 3.5% through 2007 Global industrial coatings market, $15 billion

US 6,018,396

Type of Offer: Licensing

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