Temperature-stable Liquid Droplets


Capsules with liquid-containing core suited to variety of purposes encapsulate liquids such as coffee, wine, or juice within droplet core for taste sensations include pharmaceutical ingredients for use as medication Membrane withstands heat treatment in pasteurization, also withstands cooling treatments Thermostability has been proven Applications in baking, dairy products, option to texturize fish proteins, extracts and oils for novel products, and medical, and biotechnical uses Our Innovation

Capsules composed of a liquid core (hydrophilic or hydrophobic fluid, combinations, or emulsions) coated by a hydrocolloid membrane with varying properties, sizes, and compositions. The membrane thickness and thermostability can be controlled. Enzymes and cells can be included within the droplet for slow release and other biotechnological processes.

Key Features

Thermostable liquid cells withstand high and low temperatures without bursting or leaking Flexibility in capsule sizes Option to include different types of fluids (fish oils, medications, flavor enhancers) in core Development Milestones

Future plans to improve mechanical property of droplets, achieve better thermostability and better control of size and membrane thickness, increase capacity for fluid containment Confirmation of feasibility in industrial pilot plant The Opportunity

Flavor enhancement in food industry Droplets with smaller diameter, a subject under study, will be suitable for medical biotechnology applications US demand for drug delivery systems growing 9% annually through 2007

US 6,099,876
US 6,680,184

Type of Offer: Licensing

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