Steroid-saponins from Fenugreek Seeds


Fenugreek seed extract, containing steroid saponins, is a natural foaming agent. Reduces the interfacial surface tension between two immiscible liquids, stabilizes emulsions of oil in water and foams Outperformed other known emulsifying agents in stabilising oil-in-water emulsions Surfactants for the food industry, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry Our Innovation

Two extraction techniques have been developed to obtain purified steroid saponins extract from fenugreek seeds.

Key Features

Rapid emulsion process Economical to use Natural substance generally recognized as safe Possess unexpected and unique properties as a nutraceutical agent Development Milestones

Improving and optimizing the extraction process Scale-up of extraction process complete Evaluation of fenugreek saponins in industrial applications The Opportunity

Use of natural emulsifiers in foods has risen steadily, driven by expansion of food production and development and increased use of modern food processing techniques Trend to replace synthetic emulsifiers with natural emulsifiers More than half of all consumers indicate they want personal care products made with natural or premium ingredients

US 5,847,109

Type of Offer: Licensing

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