Catalysts for the Production of Small Molecules


Method for the general synthesis of robust C(sp3)-metalated transition metal complexes as catalysts for transfer hydrogenation of ketones Catalysts enable hydrogen-free hydrogenation Efficient catalysts for the production of small molecule building blocks for the chemical industry Our Innovation

Method for the general synthesis of metal complexes that act as catalysts for hydrogenation. Electron-rich C(sp3)-cyclometalated complexes of transition metals have been synthesized which act as very powerful and stable catalysts for transfer hydrogenation of ketones for the production of alcohols.

Key Features

Exceptional thermal stability and outstanding reactivity in hydrogen transfer reactions using 2-propanol as the hydrogen source (TOFs ranging 50000-900000 h-1)
The reactivity of the catalysts is not affected by the presence of air or moisture The catalysts are perfectly active in closed reactors and obviate the removal of the by-produced acetone – simpler, lower-cost production process Development Milestones

Development of analogous complexes using different metals for other applications The Opportunity

The catalysts are used to produce small molecules for the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries

Type of Offer: Licensing

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