The Center for Process Development


The Center for Process Development of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the leading independent contract R&D facility of its kind in Israel. Its areas of activities are process development, scale-up, and custom synthesis specifically focused to the pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and biotech fields. During its 25 year history the Center has cultivated expertise in developing processes for companies. Its commitment to client service is exemplified by its excellent track record, with clients returning year after year. It offers its clients a flexible, responsive “one stop” organization meeting a variety of needs, with all projects performed on an absolutely confidential basis. It has acquired a reputation as a reliable, dependable partner with industry and works hard to maintain the integrity of these long term relationships.

Services provided

Process development of new and known compounds on the lab scale including analytical methods development Preparation of material for evaluation (bioactivity, e.g.) on the lab scale. Preparation of material for pre-clinical and animal toxicity Scale-up of processes from the lab to the bench and up to pilot scale (1200 liters)
Preparation of the key advanced, non-GMP intermediate for API’s going through clinicals as well as after launch Preparation of special compounds performed on a routine basis


The Center has over 25 years of experience serving industry both in Israel and abroad. The Center operates as an independent, sustainable facility at the University leveraging its unique position on campus, e.g. availability of analytical services The Center’s staff all come from industry and therefore fully understand the needs of the client on all levels, scientific and economic

Client service record

The Center has worked with almost all the leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel and is proud of the long term relationships it has developed. It serves a wide spectrum of clients, from fledgling Israeli start-ups to billion dollar companies in Israel and abroad

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