Electro-chromic Effects for Window Glasses


Application for both building and automotive glass Sol-gel method provides simplified application procedure Optimum conditions for the electro-chromic device operation were established Darkens within seconds, blanches within 1-2 minutes No deterioration of the glass’ optical properties Our Innovation

Electro-chromic effect allows the change of window-glass transparency under low-voltage current Photo-chromic effect allow change of degree of glass transparency upon exposure to light Prevents the entrance of solar light mainly in UV and in large part of visible spectrum Films obtained using sol-gel method are tungsten trioxide and other metal oxides More cost-effective than previous methods: Result achieved at room temperature
The Opportunity

Electro-chromic windows will be widely applied for energy saving in buildings and cars to prevent the indoor heating by sun Addresses future needs/trends for window glass due to global warming Effective filter of solar light reduces energy costs for cooling Development Milestones

Next steps to be decided with potential investors Additional Information

Renata Reisfeld and Tsiala Saraidarov, Innovative materials based on sol–gel technology, Optical Materials 28 (2006) 64-70

Type of Offer: Licensing

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