Nanoemulsion that Improves Light Fastness of Ink


Hinders the photodegradation of colorant in ink and inkjet ink in sunlight or artificial light Submicron particles do not cause nozzle clogging on the orifice plate of inkjet cartridges Preparation also suitable for water-based industrial inks, pad inks, paints and coatings Our Innovation

Oil-in-water nanoemulsion improves the light-fastness of inkjet ink Provides a method for producing nanoemulsions/nanodispersion using high-pressure homogenization Comprised of at least one water immiscible UV stabilizer and absorbents using inorganic oxide particles The Opportunity

Addresses large market of inkjet printers used in homes and small businesses Effective with other ink applications, paints and coatings Development Milestones

Testing the suggested formulations on specific inkjet inks. Feasibility for a set of four inks: Four months

Type of Offer: Licensing

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