Biofuel Cell with Switchable and Tunable Electrodes


Biofuel cell that uses blood glucose as fuel source The food consumed by a human being each day contains as much energy as a thousand AA batteries Enzymes are used as catalysts that lead to oxidation of fuel and production of electricity To prevent all glucose in blood being turned into electricity, need to be able to switch the cell on and off and modulate the rate of activity Can be used in implantable devices such as insulin pumps, pacemakers, hearing aids Our Innovation

A tunable biofuel cell whose development includes fabrication of the biofuel cell itself and generation of active polymer matrices on the electrode to enable the biofuel cell to be operated on command.

Key Features

Made of bio-compatible materials Achievable power output 500 µW to 50mW Blood provides continuous source of energy without need to introduce foreign substances into body Avoids need to replace or recharge battery Development Milestones

Seeking partners for regulatory approval and commercialization The Opportunity

The $27.9 billion U.S. medical implant industry includes cardiac implants, defibrillators, neurological stimulators and cochlear devices

Type of Offer: Licensing

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