Thermo-elastic acrylic

This acrylic is consistency-controllable, heat-sensitive at a low threshold and can be shaped into any form, then repeatedly re-molded into a more desirable shape and by applying heat again, its memory will relentlessly bring back the original shape.

Developed in the dental business, the acrylic boasts more than 60 applications in the dental field. It is available strictly for dental use at ''.

What can it do?

Its inherent qualities allow the user:
• to pre-determine the consistency, from soft to hard, before mixing the powder and liquids (consistency control)
• to re-mold the material into new shapes as often as desired (thermo-elastic)
• to return the material to its original shape by applying heat (memory)

In more detail, its versatility is attributed to those triple properties:

1. it is heat-activated with the help of hot tap water or a hot airstream, or even an internal electric resistant, which means at low threshold (between 50 - 95 degrees Celsius) it becomes softer than before and adjustable

2. its consistency is fully controllable and is pre-determined by proportioning the two liquids provided in different ratios. While heated, the range is from soft, squeezable and stretchable to linear pliable. At room temperature, the rigidity range is from pressure sensitive (cushiony) to as hard as a rock

3. it has a good memory and under heat, it will always return to its original shape.
Once mixed, this material will chemically set into a chosen rigidity, remain stable in that form and can then be softened and re-molded into any desired shape.

Metamorphosis: As versatile as this acrylic already proves to be, thanks to the memory, an object can be heated and re-formed into another object, and will stay that way until, by applying heat, it will automatically return to the shape of the original object!

Further, for all intents and purposes, this acrylic can be made in any colour and formed to any spec. The material is so versatile, the possibilities to create products are virtually inexhaustible.

US 5,548,848   [MORE INFO]

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