Inexpensive, Sensitive, Rapid and Selective Detection of GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate)

Researchers at the University of California have invented a rapid, selective, sensitive, and inexpensive enzyme-based colorimetric assay for GHB that will provide means by which:

* People can protect themselves from unknowingly ingesting GHB;
* Law enforcement can obtain probable cause to detain persons suspected of possessing GHB;
* Forensic laboratories can screen suspect samples before definitive testing;
* Clinical researchers can inexpensively monitor GHB levels in bodily fluids including serum, blood, saliva, and urine; and
* Emergency rooms can screen bodily fluids for rapid diagnosis.

The assay can be adapted to a simple dipstick for the qualitative determination of the presence of GHB, or to the quantitative measurement of GHB levels employing spectrophotometic techniques. In just a few minutes, this assay will indicate the presence of GHB in various fluids, so it is well suited for use by untrained persons. Thus, this invention might be used by potential victims of "date rape" to test their drinks, by medical personnel to diagnose patients who might have been drugged, and by law enforcement and criminalists to rapidly determine whether or not GHB is involved in a particular case.

REFERENCE: 2002-025

US 6,703,216   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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