Novel Chromogenic Ionophores

Ionophores selectively complex with specific ions in sample solutions, and are widely used for measuring ion concentrations in such solutions in conjunction with ion-selective electrodes. University of California researchers have developed new classes of ionophores, called chromogenic hemispherands and chromogenic cryptahemispherands, that enable rapid, easy-to-perform measurements of particular ion concentrations without the need for cumbersome and expensive devices like ion-selective electrodes. The chromogenic (color-sensitive) property of these compounds permits facile momentary analysis of test solutions, and the compounds can be customized to achieve an usually high degree of specificity for any one of a wide variety of ions.

Patent coverage has been obtained for these compounds and for methods of their preparation and use (U.S. Patents 4,859,606; 4,992,381; 5,011,924; and 5,177,221). These inventions can be adapted to many applications, notably those requiring ion assays in clinical chemistry, chemical research, chemical process control, and quality assurance. By making possible significant improvements in ion assay technology in many different fields, the UC chromogenic ionophores may offer significant commercial opportunities to potential licensees.
REFERENCE: 1987-096

US 4,859,606   [MORE INFO]
US 5,177,221   [MORE INFO]
US 4,992,381   [MORE INFO]
US 5,011,924   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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