Patented Apparatus, Method and Connection Means for a Modular Personal Datacenter

Three issued US patents protecting a system comprised of modular, stackable digital appliances (integrated hardware & software) that work together to form an easy to expand personal datacenter.

Key Features:
Simple to determine compatibility by observing the shape of the product.
Integrated, extensible cooling system.
Build in connectors eliminate need for wires between appliances.
Enhanced Performance and Reliability.
Unified, comprehensive system for homes and SMB.

Scope of Possible Modular Products/Applications:
Home Entertainment
Home/Building Security
Communications (telephony, messaging, etc.)
Software Application Suites
Game Console
Data Storage
...the list goes on to include just about anything that can be done by hardware and software.

Unistac Personal Datacenter
Thinking Without the Box
StacTec (inter-connector)
and more.

Those of you versed in Patent value will appreciate the fact that our interconnection means is a separate Patent and not part of claim one in our initial Patent.

US 6,346,000   [MORE INFO]
US 6,073,333   [MORE INFO]
US 5,909,357   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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