Solar Power Mechanism - User Friendly, Highly Effecient, Economical & Proprietary

An improved solar power mechanism that absorbs and utilizes the light and heat energy it collects with little escaping back into the atmosphere. Current technologies are highly inefficient and serve to reflect useful heat and light energy wastefully back into the atmosphere. Current designs add to global warming and have adverse effects on Aviation and many bird and wildlife species. Our designs serve to correct these and other important flaws of the current technologies.

Solar Power mechanism for residential, commercial and industrial use. Superior efficiency and power generating capabilities than current solar, tidal or wind powered technologies. Compact, economical and inexpensive to produce this device is easy to install and unlike current solar panel technologies is relatively maintenance free.

The current growth rate of the alternative power device development trend is phenomenal! One west coast based company recently secured $500m from private investors to perfect and produce their innovative thin film solar panel technology. Too bad their unique product still has to be sealed into heavy awkward silicon encasements to be used effectively?? Our proprietary design is more efficient and can do on one corner of your roof what solar panels do on an acre of land. Compare this to the almost total coverage of your roof needed by solar panels to produce minimal heat and electricity and not too mention the $20-$40k normal entry level price tag. Did we mention that dependent upon where you live, most solar panels like those miles of solar need almost daily cleaning else their efficiency levels drop drastically as panels become dirty. Our innovative design is user friendly, far less expensive to produce and once easily installed, is almost totally maintenance free. With adequate financial backing our innovative designs should surpass other competitive alternative power technologies in popularity and sales.

Prior to design we took a long sombre look at what we feel will become serious contra-indications from the long term use of emerging solar panel technologies. Current solar panel technology is highly in-efficient and when compared to wind and tidal, is the most expensive alternative power being developed today. Add to that the fact that even the most efficient solar panels available today reflect nearly seventy percent of heat and sunlight directly back into the environment instead of it being absorbed into the topography as intended by Mother Nature. We believe this glaring reflected light alone will become a serious threat to aviation and bird species alike. Blinding reflecting light like can do just that, blind people. Just imagine looking down on thousands of these panels as they will be seen daily from the balcony of your new high-rise apartment or downtown office space! To quantify this belief, simply use your imagination and envision every roof on the planet sporting a full coverage of solar panels. That’s a lot of lost energy from reflected heat and light! Then there’s the earth factor? All that light and heat not only represents lost energy but it is being reflected directly back into the atmosphere when it should be absorbed into the ground, water and vegetation. This will not help to solve global warming. We believe current technologies, if left unchecked, will substantially contribute to global warming. Until now, we foresee these as serious unaddressed issues.

Our new solar power Invention absorbs heat and light energy allowing very little of either to escape and then stores it for future use after the sun goes down. This technology will also be developed to help power electric vehicles and light your shop, home, business or factory. This environmentally and socially important innovation should be a part of any building where the sun shines. Canada and America need jobs which cause one to wonder just how many thousands the development and launching of this technology will create? And help save the world too, bonus!!

After more than a dozen original Inventions developed in association with the physics and engineering department of the University of B.C. Vancouver, we know our stuff! If this project doesn’t interest you, perhaps you would like to see what else we are working on? From small devices for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to sophisticated consumer electronic communications technologies to marine engine safety add-on devices and with nearly $2.5 million in pre-engineering on some of the most advanced consumer technologies being researched and developed by a University today, we know you’ll be impressed!

Any number of development solutions can be negotiated. Optimally this proof of concept Invention is for sale or license or a development partner will also be considered. Confidential business and investment plans are available upon request. Of course you’ll need to contact us directly for us to confidentially reveal to you our secret of an almost total efficient solar power mechanism.

Type of Offer: Sale

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