High Performance Composite Oxide Catalysts for Purifying Auto Exhaust Gases

BACKGROUND: Since the 1970’s, mixed oxides with the perovskite structure have been found to be catalytically active for reactions involving automobile emissions control. However, very few non-perovskite oxides have been found as redox hosts for catalytic noble metals, particularly for the application of exhaust gas purification. The light-off temperatures of perovskite catalysts (the temperature at which 50% conversion is achieved) are high considering major hydrocarbon emissions during engine cold-start. With increasing levels of automobile emission regulation in the U.S. and worldwide, auto-catalysts with fast light-offs that can be effective at very low temperatures will be in demand.

DESCRIPTION: Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed highly active, environmentally benign, low-cost catalysts for automotive emissions control or other chemical reactions involving platinum group metal as a catalyst.


* Reducing exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines
* Highly active in catalyzing other chemical reactions, such as Suzuki reaction


* Ability to regenerate catalytic noble metals to preserve the catalytic surface area and therefore prolong catalyst lifetime and lower costs
* High activity and high thermal stability
* Low thermal capacity and therefore quicker time to catalytic action
* Significantly lower light-off temperature as compared to reported “intelligent” catalysts for the same application

This technology is available for licensing. Patent pending.

REFERENCE: 2008-656

Type of Offer: Licensing

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