Method of Simplification of Access to Internet Resources Placed on Internet, Links on which Are Published in Print and Electronic Media

Invention relates to methods of representation of addresses of Internet resources placed on the Internet, in particular, to a web site with a database containing a link to an Internet resource and an alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric code assigned to it, or a code that uses other characters and/or symbols. The technical effect is the simplification of Internet links publication for the author of a printed or electronic publication, attained by using a shorter code in the publications, which corresponds to the full Internet resource address. The web server is made accessible on the Internet either directly through the web site, or through another server with a web site, the interface of which is used for the interaction between the user and the database, in which the user (author) establishes correspondence between the full Internet resource address link and the shorter code in the database, through the web site. To obtain access to the Internet resource, one should additionally address the said web site, enter the shorter code published by the author and corresponding to the full Internet resource address.

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