Immunoassay biophotonic plateform

Solution / invention summary :
The invention combines a low density microfluidic biochip to a detection and amplification system that emits a fluorescent signal with antigenes/antibody proteomic reaction that is analysed through an Echelle type reflective micro-spectrometer.

Advantages / benefits :
- Robust, sensitive, portable, small and low cost devices;
- Rapid, precise and discriminating results;
- Low sensitivity to inhibitors.

Potential applications :
Any medical, agrifood or environmental application needing a simultaneous detection (between 20 and 100) of viruses, antibodies, toxins, proteins or any other analytes and pathogenes. A demonstration prototype for infectious respiratory diseases is under development.

Licensing opportunity :
The devices needed to address the rapidly growing market of Point-of-Care medical applications and are available for use under license.

Attached files:

Inventor(s): Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Ph.D.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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