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These patents include methods for making tosylate quaternary ammonium salts of cinnamidoalkylamines and/or benzamidoalkylamines. These inventions particularly relate to the synthesis of non-hydrolyzable, non-irritating UV-absorbers having substantivity to cotton, wool, skin and hair. These UV-absorbers are useful in making fabric care products and personal care products.

The patents lists other methods from the prior art involving the creation of UV-absorbing tosylates. However, these methods include factors that make the process for creating quaternised UV-absorbing tosylates not only tedious and expensive but also non-environment friendly. Hence, there is a need for a simple, quantitative and eco-friendly process (as seen in these 2 patents) for making these substantive UV-absorbers that are superior to the corresponding halides due to tosylate as counter ion.

US 7,045,139   [MORE INFO]
US 7,205,436   [MORE INFO]

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