Low-Power Control and Signal Processing Asic for Vibrtory Rate Gyroscopes

Tech ID: 10260 / UC Case 2002-493-0

Current gyroscope feedback control and signal processing elements take the form of a discrete analog implementation and/or a general purpose digital signal processing (DSP) chip. However, both of these methods present drawbacks. The discrete analog option is inflexible with regard to modifying component values for the purpose of "tuning" or customizing the control loops for a given sensor. The chip's disadvantage is that general purpose DSPs do not lend themselves to applications that require low power consumption, such as in spacecraft and mobile systems.

Scientists at the University of California, in collaboration with scientists from Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Boeing, have developed a novel single digital chip solution for current and future vibratory rate gyroscopes, including MEMS gyroscopes. This new digital, application- specific integrated circuit (ASIC) features a flexible architecture to facilitate customization to individual sensor dynamics, as well as a low-power design.

This new UC invention can be used in several power-sensitive applications, such as:
* Aeronautics;
* Spacecraft;
* Satellite systems.

Advantages The new UC technology provides the following benefits:
* Fully-integrated digital processing;
* A flexible interface to commercial analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converters;
* High data precision for low distortion;
* Low-power, small-area implementation.

US 6,915,215   [MORE INFO]

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