Invert Emulsions for Biological Control and Stabilization of Microalgae

Tech ID: 11309 / UC Case 2004-641-0

Abstract Storage of Microalgae

Full Description Researchers at the University of California have developed a new type of water-in-oil emulsion formulation that ensures longer, more stable shelf life for improved storage and augmentation of microorganisms in environmental systems. These include delivery of microbial agents for the control of plant pathogens and insects (biocontrol agents) and augmentation of microalgae in open pond production processes such as those used for carbon dioxide sequestration and bioenergy production. Examples of applications which have been successful are:

* Storage and application of Lagenidium giganteum for mosquito control * Storage and application of Fusarium lateritium for Eutypa dieback control on grapevines * Storage and application of Chlorella spp. for biomass production

Biocontrol agents are organisms that prevent the spread and detrimental effects that many parasitic and invasive organisms have on agriculture and human health. Storage and delivery of these control agents consist of granules and emulsions. The current state of the technology for development, storage, and delivery of control agents is limited in that many organisms favor storage in wet environments which the granules do not provide.

International Patent Application Publication WO 06/060213 published on June 8, 2006.

Suggested uses

* Stabilization and delivery of microalgae for bioenergy, food and pharmaceutical production;
* Mosquito control;
* Mass production or batch processing of emulsions;
* Multiple agents stored in separate aqueous phases in one emulsion.


The new water-in-oil emulsions have the following advantages:

* do not require refrigeration * are easily applied by the end-user and non-toxic to the environment * are easily enhanced by simple additions of humectants and UV protectants * are not toxic to the organisms * are stable (the phases do not separate)

Related Materials

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