Improved Regeneration and Transformation of Cotton

Tech ID: 11402 / UC Case 1998-189-0

Improved Regeneration and Transformation of Cotton

Full Description
New and improved somatic embryogenesis methods of regeneration and transformation of cotton have been developed by UC Davis investigators. This unique system for generating transgenic cotton in elite genetic backgrounds is efficient and near genotype-independent.

This system:
* Improves the initial induction media;
* Decreases recovery of transgenic plantlets to several months and vastly increases the efficiency, thereby saving time, effort and resources by significantly increasing the number of independent events per transformation experiment;
* Reduces somaclonal variation; and,
* Significantly decreases the number of years required for the commercial release of improved genetically modified cultivars.

* Patent Pending; U.S. Patent Application 20040009601 published on 15 Jan, 2004

Type of Offer: Licensing

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