Processing and Application of Cereal Processing Byproduct-Based Adhesives

Tech ID: 11321 / UC Case 2004-311-0

Processing and Application of Cereal Processing Byproduct-based Adhesives

Full Description
A novel processing and application method for cereal processing byproduct-based adhesives has been developed by researchers at the University of California, Davis.

Rice bran, a by-product of rice milling, is mainly used as animal feed with low economic value. New processing applications can serve to increase its value. In this invention, rice bran is chemically and thermally modified by using alkaline treatment and heat to develop its adhesive property. The rice bran-based adhesive then can be used to replace normal petroleum-based synthetic adhesives in particleboard or related products.

Suggested uses
Using this invention, up to 30% of a synthetic adhesive, polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (PMDI), can be replaced with the rice bran-based adhesive in the production of rice straw-based particleboard, resulting in product quality characteristics similar to those of 100% PMDI bound particleboard adhesives. Use of this invention can reduce the cost of particleboard and dependency on petroleum and its derivatives. Other cereal byproducts, such as wheat bran and corn bran, can also be processed with this method to produce bio-based adhesives for particleboard and related products.

The applications of rice bran-based adhesive produced with this novel processing method can:

* Increase the value of rice bran;
* Decrease dependency on petroleum and its derivatives;
* Reduce the formaldehyde emission level used in particleboard and related products; and,
* Reduce the use of other expensive petroleum-based adhesives, and associated toxic compounds, used in particleboard and related products.

* Patent Pending; U.S. Patent Application 20050287282 published on 29 Dec, 2005

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