Precision Particles for Controlled Release


Current particle encapsulation technologies are often inadequate, producing a broad particle size distribution and having many complicated steps. The need for uniform particle production methods is great; uniformity allows for efficient and specific release profiles and a higher rate of utilization of all production materials.


Precision Particle Fabrication (PPF) technology, owned by our company, produces uniform microparticles or microcapsules exhibiting a narrow size distribution and offers precise control over particle morphology (e.g. porosity, coating thickness, etc.). The flexibility of PPF technology allows for precise production of nearly any particle material, size, and desired characteristic in a massively scalable and flexible, single step process. The process is readily translatable to current production methods by simply integrating the Orbis nozzle with existing industrial collection vessels.

Traditional spray technologies are often inadequate because they produce a broad particle size distribution and cannot achieve small particle sizes when using viscous solutions. In contrast, PPF technology can create precise particle sizes using almost any solution. Using PPF technology, a wide range of particle sizes is achievable (~2 µm to >1 mm) with precise control over particle size. In advanced demonstrations of the technology, core/shell microcapsule morphologies were produced from a wide variety of materials. For example, microcapsules have been constructed composed of a polymer shell filled with a second polymer, oil, or water.


*Single-step, scalable process
*Easily integrable into current production methods
*Uniform particles allow predictable, efficient, and specific delivery of material


*Food Science
*Agricultural Chemicals
*Specialty & Consumer Chemicals
*Life Sciences

This patented technology is ready for licensing. We are prepared to develop pilot batches and provide further documentation and discussion of technology.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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