Biomass Gasifiers using Agri-waste for Generation of Electricity

Joint Venture in -- Amazing Futuristics - Agri Farm Biomass - THRU 'BOOSTED Power Gasification'

We are a New Zealand based Biomass Gasifier manufacturing Company that is finally going the much wanted step further, in POWER BOOSTING the LHV of 'Producer Gas' generated through our gasification process. For those of us who may need to revisit the process involved - very briefly, is as follows:—

Generally, Biomass Gasification is a thermal conversion technology where a solid fuel (such as, to mention a few, Rice Husk, Wood Saw Dust , Irregular Wood chunks, Bagasse, Coconut shells, Wheat Chaff, in fact any Agri farm waste) is converted into combustible Elements - Called Producer Gas ('PG').

A limited Supply of air ( Less than Stoichiometric - 1 to 1.8 kg / kg bio mass ), O2 or Steam serves as the Oxidant. Combustion also is limited to being partial. The product gases, besides, mainly consisting of Carbon Monoxide, CARBON DIOXIDE (NOW INERT), Hydrogen, Methane, Water Vapor, INERT NITROGEN, also contain contaminants like - Char particulates, Ash and the Most PROBLEMATIC -- TARs. After cleaning, scrubbing the above unwanted bi-products -renders the 'PG' suitable for Boiler, IC Engine Use and Steam Turbines to produce Heat and Power (CHP ).

It may be in Order to mention here that Our gasifiers have a 'PG' gas flow that contains TAR at less than 40mg/Nm3. This makes it suitable for Turbine Mega Watt Power Generation - provided, we could get much higher LHV's from the BIO MASS 'PG' !. A look now into the Volume % of Each gas and WHAT WE ARE DOING to increase LHV of the 'PG' stream to OVERCOME POWER LOSSES ( In cases upto 65% ) during it's use in IC Engines / Turbines. Not to mention the need for the Removal of Inerts, N2 & Co2, causing Extreme Power losses in the Fuel Gases to the Prime movers.

Component (Generally in B Mass) Producer gas (Vol %)

NITROGEN X ( inert ) 50 to 55.

CO 17 -23.

CARBON DIOXIDE X ( Inert ) 8 - 15.

H2 11 -20.


Lower Heating value of 'PG' - Only 3-5 MJ/Nm3. And Where - HIGHER Diesel / Gasoline LHV's which are to be matched in the Future.

Please note This low heating Value / Low Calorific value is due to more than 50% of the ' Producer Gas' 'stream having unavoidable INERTs like N2 and CO2 present. At times Over 60% - that take no part in the useful combustion process but only dilute the Fuel gases.

We through our New Zealand organization are strongly on the route towards removing these INERTS - N2 and CO2 from the 'PG ' stream in the most inexpensive and affordable process known till date. This Low LHV directly translates into Engine Power losses by at times, 60% -- THIS will not be an issue henceforth. With this possibity within reach, we could Use Bio Mass generated 'PG' in Gas Turbines even !!

We solicit suitable partners to Joint Venture with us and help carry this form of Alternate Green Energy Through BOOSTED Power Gasification, to:—

1) Partially off set the use of Fossil fuels in 'GEN SETS ' / 'GAS TURBINES' for MW- Power generation.

2) To help (some extent) contain the Green House Gas effects on the Planet.

3) To increase our Gasifier manufacturing base, due to large orders in waiting.

Not only this, a great opportunity awaits us in a country that needs at least 350 gasifiers to be manufactured over the next few years. Our manufacturing base again needs to be enlarged to take on this vast requirement. The project is worth several million USD. On your interest will forward this Gasifier requirement along with our gasification manufacturing profile.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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