A Novel Attenuation Correction Technique for Ultrasound Contrast Agent Imaging

Quantification of tissue perfusion using ultrasound and contrast agents has great potential for various clinical conditions which involve changes of blood flow in tissue, e.g. tumours or myocardial infarction. However, the application of these techniques is limited by a lack of an effective correction technique that can satisfactorily estimate and correct for signal attenuation incurred during image formation. This can cause inaccuracies in the quantification of blood flow, resulting in a significant number of clinical procedure failures and/or equivocal results.

To combat this problem, researchers have developed an attenuation correction technique, where linear tissue signals are extracted and filtered, and used to compensate for the attenuation in non-linear signals at the same location. This technique has the ability to improve the accuracy of blood flow quantification. In addition, it does not require any additional measurements to be made and measurements can be implemented in real time.

Patent Status A patent application has been filed and further validation and optimization of the technique using clinical data is ongoing.

Case 4368

Type of Offer: Licensing

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