Sutureless Chest Drain Dressing

Air or blood in the pleural cavity is a serious condition which can become life threatening. World-wide, it is estimated that 5 million chest drains are inserted annually. Currently, chest drains are secured in place using an arrangement of stitches, dressing pads and self-adhesive tape. However, there are no devices and dressings on the market, specifically designed for the fixation of chest drains or dressings that are suitable for visual wound inspection or simple re-adjustment.

This invention relates to a chest drain fixation and wound closure device. On insertion of the chest drain, the transparent adhesive dressing gently grips the drain and creates an air tight seal. A clip is used to grasp the chest drain more firmly, ensuring the tube cannot slip. By releasing the clip it will be possible to easily adjust the tube. The drain length can be manoeuvred in or out in an air tight environment preventing a collapsed lung (pneumothorax).

• Alternative to hand-made dressings and is designed specifically for purpose
• Sutureless, eliminating need for suture removal
• Used for single or minimal applications, reducing costs
• Air tight, and facilitates safe drain removal
• Allows for quick drain repositioning without having to remove dressing
• Use of transparent adhesive dressing means that it is possible to inspect the wound without a dressing change, minimizing the risk of infection
• Patient satisfaction as less painful to remove
• It can be quickly and safely applied out of a hospital environment
• Cost effective compared to current methods

IP & Commercial Opportunity
Although applicable to chest drains, the invention could also be applied to other drain tubes, such as chest drains and peritoneal cavity drains (ascetic drains), as well as percutaneous feeding tubes, and catheters such as suprapubic catheters and vascular catheters. A US patent application has been filed by the owners and the technology is now available for further development and licensing.

Type of offer: Licensing

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Type of Offer: Licensing

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