Water jet propulsion drive for boats

Marine water jet propulsion consist of a engine who drive a water (one or two) pump ,in this case a variable displacement pump (VDP) protected by a granted PATENT. The water are discharged backwards at high velocity trough nozzles in the transom and the thrust will be directed in forward direction.

Marine water jet propulsion offers a number of benefits to boaters such as

1) Safety,because water jet propulsion eliminate injuries caused by spinning propellers.

2) Running aground means no damage to a outside propeller.

3) Offer instant responsivness ,manoverbility and acceleration.

4) Compared to a propeller driven boat, the water jet drive requires less horsepower from the engine, because the system has better overall efficiency and thus lower fuel consumption.

5) The number of mechanical components , for example no transmission, are few.

6) The running direction of the hull is changed by adjusting the water jet flow by the VDP.

7) When a boat is running at low speed for docking and for making the operation of the boat easier the VDP together with on both sides mounted nozzles give a transverse thrust.

8) Reversing the boat is accomplished by a deflector over the nozzle and the jet flow now in forward direction stops the boat.

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