New Yeast Strain for Ethanol Fermentaion Acceleration and Side Effect Elimination

Diacetyl, a four carbon diketone, as an off-flavour component costs the brewing industry millions of dollars annually through impeded productivity. In my research, effects of the ILV5 gene expression in the yeast on the diacetyl content in wine were studied.

The yeast ilv5 gene was amplified and fused to yeast specific promoter, which was introduced into S. cerevisiae . The recombinant yeast showed 3-4 fold increase in the reductoisomerase activity compared with that in the strain TCY15 used as a control and other 4 wild yeast strains.

It showed a concomitant decrease of about 40-50% in the diacetyl level in a liquid medium. Application of the recombinant yeast cells resulted in a reliable decrease of diacetyl level under the threshold and an increase of the fermentation efficiency in wine prepared with Campbell's Early and Muscat Baily A grapes.

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