Folding LOTS/COTS/bridge-building craft

A ‘Floatainer’ is a unique barge which folds into the exact dimensions of a 6 m shipping container. When folded, standard shipping container twist-lock fittings are exposed on all corners. When unfolded is of 10 m L.O.A. and 4.5 beam, and has a free-draining deck capable of carrying a 20-ton, 6 m shipping container or general cargo.

Deck strength supports 15 ton, wheeled vehicles (eg military LAVS).
Gunwales are 1 m x 1.2 m solid ‘beams’ (as in a Bailey Bridge) designed such that the craft can act as a pallet for launching along with its’ load. It can also be used as bridge sections or pontoon bridges, connected end-to-end such as used by the military. The deck is ‘walk-through’, fore and aft.

The craft is comprised of 9 hinged modules, which are constructed of alloy plate over pressurised foam (foam-sandwich construction). It has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. The structure can be extended into a craft of dimensions of up to 16 m x 7 m by adding standard modules.

A test model has been constructed and tested. Construction techniques have been refined. Means by which folding can be powered have been designed.

The craft was designed primarily as a versatile military craft for LOTS, COTS and bridge building systems. But also has significant potential for civilian usage in many theatres.

We are offering opportunities to established entities to purchase construction licences or to participate in a joint venture to establish full development and marketing. Once formal contact is made we can refer on our web site.

We have available a team of 2 trade engineers and 2 designers – all of whom were involved in the design and construction of the test craft. Construction facilities are available in New Zealand for all, or part, of future development.

The design is patented in the UK and New Zealand and is protected by way of the clause ‘a water craft that folds into the dimensions of a shipping container’

NZ IPC2010.01 B63B35/36; B63B7/04 (Carter & Ansley)

UK A47G33/12; B63B35/28; B63B35/36; (+5) (Carter & Ansley)

GB 473,312
NZ 201,001

Type of Offer: Licensing

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