Colloidal Self-Assembly of Droplets for High Density Microfluidic Micro-Reactor Arrays with High Throughput Functionality

Tech ID: 21274

Brief Description
Researchers have developed a simple method for the rapid self-assembly of predictable high density droplet-reactor arrays for high throughput microfluidic applications in biology and chemistry. By controlling the ratio of the chamber height to droplet diameter, the resulting self-assembled 3D colloidal, lattice droplet pattern formations can be selectively tuned for optimal real-time and/or long-term 2D visualization and image capture of reactions occuring in the droplet micro-reactors.

Although currently used micro-well and droplet-reactor arrays provide continuous 2D image capture of a large number of reactions simultaneously, they still lack sufficient array density to achieve high throughput functionality.

Patent Status
Patent Pending

Inventor(s): Fisher, Jeffrey S.; Hatch, Andrew C.; Lee, Abraham P.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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